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‘Wigs were a security blanket’: Rock Hill teen with hair loss shares self-love message

Rock Hill resident Charlie Walker knew she had to make her grandfather proud. So she went to his funeral without her wig. Walker, 17, was diagnosed at age seven with Alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition in which the body’s immune system

Gene responsible for hair loss discovered

A study has found that the LSS gene is responsible for hair loss caused by the hypotrichosis simplex. Researchers led by human geneticists at the University of Bonn discovered the LSS gene, and how it is responsible for the rare form

Good to Know: Which treatments work for women navigating hair loss?

Hypotrichosis simplex leads to progressive hair loss starting in childhood. A team of researchers led by human geneticists at the University Hospital of Bonn has now deciphered a new gene that is responsible for this rare form of hair loss. Changes