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Major studies find possible phone-cancer link, but no cause for alarm

Two comprehensive studies into putative links between mobile phone radiation and cancer, conducted by United States National Toxicology Program (NTP), have found an increased incidence of a range of cancers in rats and mice. The findings do not, however, mean you should

Oncologist Debunks Link Between Mobile Towers And Cancer

Do You Know What You Need to Retire at 60? (Big decisions) EMAIL PRINT 4 COMMENTS Oncologist Debunks Link Between Mobile Towers And Cancer It is believed that proximity to mobile towers may increase cancer risk. (Representational Photo) A prominent oncologist

Missing link in epigenetics could explain conundrum of disease inheritance

When offspring are in the womb, what their mothers experience environmentally (for example, diet, stress, smoking), influences the attributes of offspring when they are adults. This ‘developmental programming’ is understood to be a large contributor to the obesity epidemic seen today.