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Moderation to food and diet is the key, not scares

The media seem to thrive on publishing tales of gloom and doom, whether it’s the steady rise in knife crime, increase in burglaries, alarming occurrences of shootings and, of course, not just major cities but small towns throughout Europe have become

Yoga with goats is back! Here’s your chance to join the farm friendly fun

The Barnyard Yoga experience connects you with your inner farm girl or boy, even if you didn’t know you had one! The goats will cuddle up to you and you won’t be able to help but falling in love with them at Yoga

Spinach Is the Legit Superfood You Need in Your Life

Call it the Popeye effect. While many associate spinach with its iron content, it’s actually the nitrates in those green leaves that give you a real-life power-up. Eating a diet rich in nitrates can potentially improve athletic performance, reduce cholesterol levels, and lessen the