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Toyota Vios gets new engine and gearbox in Thailand

Toyota in Thailand has updated its 2016 Vios saloon and the new version will cost between 599,000 and 749,000 baht (Rs 11.38 lakh to Rs 14.23 lakh). The car will debut at this month’s Bangkok Motor Show. Toyota’s updated Vios will

Microsoft Lumia 850 photographed in the wild, looks just like the renders

The Microsoft Lumia 850 starred in a few 3D renders late last year, but now there are photos of the actual device. There was a lot of uncertainty about the screen size, but the latest info points to 5.4″ in size.

New report reveals UK GPs lack confidence in diagnosing eye conditions

New research reveals an alarming, self-acknowledged gap in family doctors’ skills when it comes to diagnosing and treating patient’s eye conditions. The Vision of Britain reportⁱ, commissioned by Optegra Eye Health Care, shows that more than three in 10 GPs (32