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11 Family Exercise Ideas To Keep Everyone Happy & Healthy

Everyone knows exercise is important, but finding time to do it is nearly impossible, especially when you have kids. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set my alarm to get a workout in, only to have my child decide

Coconut Oil For Hair Loss: Use This Magic Potion For Happy And Healthy Tresses

Coconut oil has been an age-old remedy for numerous hair problems; be it hair loss, dry scalp or hair thinning. It is an unsung superhero of our hair and beauty woes. It is known to condition and improve the overall health

Happy Skin: A Story With A Happy Ever After For Skin

It was several years ago when a package from Happy Skin arrived at the office of a publishing house. Unlike countless other cosmetic products sent to editors, this particular package had punch. Bright pastels enveloped blush and powder compacts hinting at the young