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Skin care for millennials claims to fight pollution

Leila Alcasid at the Pure Beauty Urban Shield launch held at Vask in Taguig City. Photo by D.C. Vasquez for InterAksyon. Pomegranate is a superfood. In its raw form, pomegranate can help work to repair or prevent damage to your body’s

Flying Bird Yoga for flexibility

Keep up the excitement and thrill of yoga workouts with Flying Bird Yoga, the latest innovation by Yoga Innovator, Akshar. This is a novel form of yoga that offers flexibility, enhanced concentration, and toned muscles. Yoga is one of the most ancient

Get Ready For The 2017 Solar Eclipse: Protect Your Eyes

August 2017 — Later this month, an astronomical event will be viewable in the United States that hasn’t occurred here for nearly 100 years: a total solar eclipse. On August 21, the moon will shade virtually the entire sun over a