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How to get the best out of exercise

Some prefer the consistency and convenience of treadmills, while others head outdoors no matter the weather. Who is right? Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo Should I eat breakfast before my morning workout? You might think it wise to fuel up before a

Why Does Exercise Start Hurting Two Days After a Workout?

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/GMG If you’ve decided, this year, to start working out, you might have noticed a strange phenomenon: You’ll leave the gym feeling fine, and then two days later wake up sore. This weird time-lag appears unique to exercise, and

It’s Not Too Late: Exercise Can Reverse Heart Damage From Too Much Sitting

If you’ve been sedentary and think it’s hopeless to start exercising at this point, a new study throws a kink in your logic. Research in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation finds that starting exercise in middle age can work to reverse the heart damage that comes