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Why You Shouldn’t Try Every Cool Exercise You See on Instagram

Instagram is a cornucopia of tricked-out, awe-inspiring exercises that leave many of us thinking, I’ve got to try that! But, no, you don’t need to try any of them. And in some cases, you probably shouldn’t. “I hate the way that Instagram encourages you to do every

Just One Exercise Session Can Ward Off Age-Related Shrinkage in Your Brain

Small but mighty, the hippocampus is an area of your brain that’s tasked with a range of functions related to memory formation and emotion regulation. Unfortunately, as we age, this powerhouse tends to stutter, due to things like shrinkage, inflammation, and

Varuna 2019: Indo-French joint navy exercise concludes in Goa today

Indo-French navy participates in a joint exercise called Varuna 2019. (Source: Indian Navy/Twitter) On Day 3 of the Indo-French naval exercise ‘Varuna’ which is currently underway in Goa, the Indian Navy posted on social media details of the exercise the two