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An exercise in hypocrisy? Trump lectures America on fitness

Wednesday was “Sports and Fitness Day” at the White House. This is not to be confused with the Barack Obama-era Fitness and Sports Day, which Donald Trump has cancelled. Similarly, in February, the president issued an executive order which replaced the Obama-era President’s

How much should seniors exercise to improve brain function?

As more and more research keeps pointing out, exercise does wonders for our brain. For instance, a recent study that Medical News Today reported on shows that running protects our memory from the harmful effects of stress. Additionally, research has shown that exercise helps to prevent

Everyday changes to diet and exercise could avoid 26,000 cases of cancer a year in women

Around 500 cases of cancer in women every week in the UK could be prevented by keeping a healthy weight and increasing exercise.The latest figures, calculated from 2015 cancer data, found that whilst smoking remains the biggest preventable cause of cancer**,