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It’s Not Too Late: Exercise Can Reverse Heart Damage From Too Much Sitting

If you’ve been sedentary and think it’s hopeless to start exercising at this point, a new study throws a kink in your logic. Research in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation finds that starting exercise in middle age can work to reverse the heart damage that comes

Eclipse-viewing can cause lasting damage to the eyes

While millions of people are looking forward to witnessing celestial history when the first total solar eclipse visible in Illinois since 1889 takes place on Aug. 21, Kirk Packo, MD, is worried about medical history repeating itself. “The first big description

Vitamin D May Ease Sunburns by Reducing Skin Damage

A high dosage of vitamin D after your next sunburn could mean the difference between weeks of agony and a quick recovery. After exposing 20 participants to a small UV lamp sunburn on the inside of their arms, researchers from Case