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What Are the Risks of Not Dealing With Obesity?

The grossly overweight, also known as the obese, are dealing with some very serious health problems. These are problems that can kill them. They must be educated about these issues and how they can avoid them. And they must learn that

IBM’s brain-mimicking computers are getting bigger brains

IBM says it wants to make intelligent computers that can make decisions like humans. This week, it shipped the NS16e, its largest brain-inspired computer yet, and has big goals ahead. The company plans to create bigger versions of the NS16e—which was

HTC 10 available now, here are the US and European prices [UPDATED]

Did you see that blur? It was the HTC 10 becoming instantly available – from unofficial to on sale in a blink of an eye. Here are the prices and carrier offers in several countries. Update: the official websites have been