Taiwan got an early start but the Sony Xperia XZ is launching in other markets today. Note that some stores still haven’t updated their pages.

Only on the local Spanish site we saw the “Add to cart” option, going at a €700 price. Most others show either “Pre-order” or “Out of stock.”

The UK site still offers the £150 headphones if you pre-order the XZ at £550. It’s not clear if this promo will go away once the phone actually goes on sale. The German site prices the Xperia at €700 and the headphones at €200. There’s no price on the Italian site, but the headphones are there.

Then there’s Poland where the phone is PLN 2,990 and the headset is PLN 750. ForSweden, the numbers are SEK 6,990 and the headset is valued at SEK 1,500. NeighboringFinland pays the same as the rest of the Eurozone – €700.

The chances are that the headphone promo will go away once the Pre-order buttons switch to Buy.

In the US, we leave Sony’s website to go to Amazon where the Xperia flagship costs $700(temporarily out of stock). There’s no mention of headphones here.