There are some things that an ardent fan of rummy will never reveal to you about himself. These are some traits that exclusively belong to all the rummy fans around the world. If you are curious to know what these unique traits are, read along. We have listed out the secrets about rummy fans that you have never known:

Rummy Fans Think of New Rummy Strategies During Free Time

For ardent rummy fans, playing rummy is more of a habit than a hobby. That is why a rummy fan never wastes a minute. During his moments of leisure, he thinks out new strategies and schemes to overpower his opponent in the game or rummy. He thinks of different ways to arrange cards in the game so that he can complete his life sooner than his opponents. He thinks how to make the best use of joker and reduce points in your hand without giving significant cards away to the opponent. Yes, a good rummy player’s brain is always working out ways to create the perfect game-plan.

Rummy Fans Go Way Beyond the Game Expressing Love for Rummy

Rummy fans are a completely different breed of people who extend their love for the game far beyond the table. You should not be surprised if you see rummy quotes on the walls of a rummy lover’s office room or study room. A rummy fan friend of yours may bring home a cake designed in rummy table theme to wish you your birthday. Rummy lovers may even choose decals and murals of rummy card game sets and sequences. Yes, a true rummy fan remembers rummy in all walks of his life.

The Idea of Free Time for Rummy Players is A Hot Beverage and a Card Game

If you don’t love cards, don’t ever invite a rummy fan to spend his free time with you. Free time for a rummy card game fan is a cup of brewing coffee, tea or cocoa and a round of his favourite card game. He won’t care to understand that not all players may enjoy rummy equally. He may prefer to play rummy online and win a few games there rather than be told to waste time with friends on useless gossip.

Rummy Fans Are Usually Organised in Life Too

Organising is one important trait most rummy lovers possess. This is because a good rummy player starts by organising the cards in his hands properly. He tries to find the best arrangement of cards in a sequence that helps to complete the life and also reduce the points in his hand. A good rummy player knows that his first priority should always be to create life. He also knows that he should be prudent with the use of pulled-out jokers. These are cards that maybe used as a part of sequences as well as sets to fill the existing gaps.

Rummy Fans Appreciate Good Rummy Players Without Hesitation

A good rummy player is one who enjoys the game in itself and it does not matter whether he wins or loses the game. That is why a good rummy player will surely appreciate even his opponent who is a good player. Being a good observer, he will try to understand what the player possesses that makes him win. He tries to grasp new strategies and improve his own gaming skills.

Rummy Fans Have the Best Suggestions for Rummy Gaming Apps

The players of this marvellous game are the first to try different rummy gaming apps like Khelplay Rummy. That is why they are also the first ones to know the merits and demerits of these apps. App companies can benefit from the tips and suggestions top rummy fans have to offer about the app. They can tell you exactly what needs to be changed in the app to make it more user-friendly and enjoyable. They can also provide interesting suggestions to increase app visibility and get more players. As these fans already have strong rummy circles, they will be able to get the apps more visitors too if the app is really good.

Rummy fans are a different league of people and there is a lot that the world needs to learn from them.