Twitter users went into meltdown over weekend, using the hashtag #RIPTwitter to vent their fury at reports of changes to the way tweets will appear in users’ timelines.

BuzzFeed reported on Friday that Twitter is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline and show tweets it thinks users want to see. Currently Twitter presents the newest tweets first as they happen in real-time.

But this story was enough to send tweeters into a frenzy with many accusing it of turning into rival Facebook.

Some questioned chief executive Jack Dorsey’s strategy.

But Dorsey came out to (sort of) help silence the #RIPTwitter hashtag. Firstly the founder said the timing of the change suggested by the BuzzFeed article was wrong.

Dorsey then had a comeback accusing Twitter of becoming more like Facebook.

Twitter has been struggling to grow its user base. Its third-quarter earnings showed monthly active users hit 307 million, up just three million from the previous quarter. And so far this year, its share price has fallen over 32 percent.

Dorsey is under pressure to reverse the fortunes of the social media company. Twitter is reportedly working on scrapping the 140-character limit and changing it for 10,000 characters as a way to attract more users.

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