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You don’t have to do Yoga to do Yoga

When was the last time you moved? Like, got up, walked somewhere, maybe even stretched a little or did your favorite form of exercise? (Do you even have a favorite form of exercise?) Everyone knows it’s important to move. Our bodies

Depend on Treadmills for Fitness at the Office? Yijian Future AI System May Help

Let’s be honest for a second. Using treadmills isn’t always the most pleasant exercise experience. Yet many in office work and other business environments depend on these devices to stay fit when other means of exercise are less practical. Sure, they

7.2 magnitude earthquake rocks Mexico, 2 killed in chopper crash

Video on social media showed buildings shaking in Mexico City. People in the city gathered on the streets as sirens blared. How loose soil beneath Mexico City can make earthquakes more severe Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said the National Civil