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Shahnaz Husain shares 4 easy ways to shield your skin from the harsh summer sun

Your thoughtfully assembled skincare routine for cold days isn’t going to cut it when the temperatures soar and the sun starts to beat you down. Shifts in humidity, cold blasts of air conditioning and brighter, longer days – all play a

This Anti-Candida Ayurvedic Diet Might Be The Most Nourishing (And Delicious!) Cure

If you’ve had thrush a couple of times in a year, you’re feeling exhausted even after eight hours of sleep every night, or you’re experiencing some serious bloat after eating, you might have candida overgrowth. First, consult your GP to get

The Keto Diet Actually Has The Most Bizarrely Intriguing Backstory

Ah, spring 2018. The time that everyone and their moms suddenly decides to start the keto diet to get in shape before summer hits. But there’s something you should know before you hop on the high-fat, low-carb bandwagon: The plan wasn’t