An 8-year-old girl Utah girl was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer after finding a lump earlier this month.

Chrissy Turner’s mother, Annette, told ABC that her daughter was terrified after finding the suspicious lump in her breast.

“She came to us on a Sunday afternoon; she said, ‘Mommy I have been scared and I have this lump,'” Turner told ABC News. “It had been there for a while.”

Chrissy was diagnosed with secretory breast carcinoma on Nov. 9, according to a GoFundMe page set up by family friend Melissa Papaj.

It is a cancer that “no specialist across the country has even seen in a child so young,” Papaj wrote on GoFundMe.

Chrissy’s diagnosis was even more heartbreaking for the family because Chrissy’s father is battling cancer, according to Papaj.

“In August 2008, [Chrissy’s father] was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma ( … ) they are currently in a “watch and wait” state as the cancer slowly grows, visiting the oncologist every three months for a full exam and blood work,” Papaj said in the post. “All the while, medical bills are continuing to pile up.”