Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attempted to demonstrate his company’s live-streaming capabilities Wednesday afternoon, but may have learned the perils of live broadcasting in the process.

After a few seconds of talking into a camera, Zuckerberg stood up and the video stream went down. On his page, the video link still said it was “live,” but continued to play an 8-second clip of a gray couch with some chatter in the background.

It was unclear what led to the issue, but the video page indicated at the time that 118,000 people were concurrently watching, so there was certainly interest in the stream. After a few minutes, the “live” video was removed from his page entirely, and some users were unable to even load Zuckerberg’s page.

Facebook told CNBC that there were no technical issues with the stream, and Zuckerberg had instead decided to shutdown the feed to change locations. The live-stream did indeed begin from a new location a few minutes later.

The company rolled out new features to Facebook Live on Wednesday, a platform positioned as a major challenger to Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming service and Snapchat’s video features.

Facebook Live, which offers streaming video, added a host of features to make it easier for users to find and share clips from friends, celebrities and media companies, marking its biggest push yet into real-time video.
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