What You Need to Start Yoga

Photo Credit: YoshiKatsu80

One of the great things about yoga is that you don’t really need anything to practice yoga. But we do recommend the following to support and enhance your practice.

1. YogaBasics.com Premium Membership
Our Premium Membership makes it easy to start a yoga practice! with 25 yoga sequences, streaming audio, bigger pictures and tons more.
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2. Yoga Books
These are the best books we have found for beginning students:
Yoga For Beginners
Yoga, Mastering the Basics
Yoga Zone’s Introduction to Yoga

3. Yoga DVDs
These are the best videos we have found for beginning students:
Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies
A.M./P.M. Yoga for beginners
Kripalu Yoga: Gentle
Yoga For Beginners
Yoga Journal’s: Beginning Yoga Step by Step

4. Yoga CDs
These are the best audio instructional CDs for beginning students:
Drops of Nectar: Yoga Relaxation for Rejuvenation and Healing
Yoga Sanctuary

5. Yoga Mat
A yoga mat provides padding as well as a non-slip surface to practice on. A classic yoga mat is best for beginners, but upgrading to a thicker mat is recommended if you are practicing on a wood floor.

6. Yoga Props
Yoga props are very helpful when starting yoga. Use a yoga block to stabilize standing poses, use ayoga strap to go stretch further in seated poses and use a bolster or a blanket for restorative poses.

7. Yoga Music CDs

Playing music during your yoga practice will help relax, focus and soothe. See our list ofrecommended music CDs here

8. Yoga Clothing
Wearing loose or stretchable clothing is best for practicing yoga poses. There are many clothing manufacturers that specialize in yoga clothes, but you will pay a premium for the fit and performance, so you might want to start with what you already might have in your closet.