This Programme consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the business world
Module 2: The entrepreneur and his business
Module 3: Specialised areas of management
Module 4: Critical factors determining the success of a manager

The objectives of this programme are to equip potential managers with:

• a basic knowledge of the economic environment
• methods of price determination in a market economy
• a basic understanding of a macro-economic perspective of the South African economy
• knowledge of the three important sectors of the economy
• the principles of establishing a new business
• knowledge of the functioning of a business organisation
• the principles of general management
• knowledge of the functional management areas
• knowledge of effective business communication
• critical factors determining the success of a manager


This programme consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Module 2: Entering the Business World
Module 3: The Business Plan
Module 4: Managing the Small Business

The objectives of this programme are to:

• provide potential entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge to establish and manage a business in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa
• improve the small business management skills of those entrepreneurs who already own a small business.
• develop a cadre of entrepreneurs who will promote economic growth and create employment to meet the rising economic expectations of all South Africans.
Both programmes target the sustainability and development of small and medium size enterprises and are open to candidates who have completed their Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification.

We approach both programmes from a problem-solving point of view instead of a content-driven point of view. It implies that the focus in on the problems that students can experience in practice. This approach puts students in the centre of the learning arena and the lecturers on the side-line to support the learning students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The lecturers attempt to acknowledge the unique circumstances of every student and want to empower them in their own situation to establish and manage a business.

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