1. Block it Out

Our ears are under assault. Mobiles, ipods, ipads and the general cacophony of sound that is the soundtrack of our daily lives mean we spend very little time in silence. Cultivate more quiet time by making an effort to tune things out. Even small things, like turning down the ringer on your phone or not turning on the radio while driving to work can make a big difference. Sadly, stress doesn’t always arrive at the most convenient times so if you’re feeling tense and it’s impossible to move to a quieter location then try isolating sounds by listening for one above all others and moving around that awareness to different sounds both near and far.

2. Breathe it In

Breath work is a great way to slow down your heart rate and release stress. Deep diaphragmatic breathing on its own is a great stress reliever and can be made all the more effective by adding some soothing scents. Clia Doyle, Creator and Designer of Clia..with “Love Pure Aromachology”:http://www.purearomachology.com/ explains why, ‘The use of essential oils can be powerful in helping us address our mind and body challenges. Pure essential oils derived wholly from plants are very like us, both chemically and electrically, so can be powerful balancers, particularly through the process of inhalation. Our sense of smell is the least researched and most mysterious sense yet there is a growing awareness that it is hugely powerful in affecting our emotions. The complex chemical composition of essential oils affects our brain circuitry and in turn our mood in ways that scientists are still trying to explain.’ Once you’ve identified your particular stressors you can find an oil or blend that addresses your needs.

3. Tire it Out

If you’re feeling stressed you are most likely holding that tension in one or more areas of your body. Muscles tighten as our breathing contracts and we physically manifest the stress our minds have created. One easy way to release this build up is to simply work with the tightening. Starting at the feet and systematically working your way up the body you can practice alternating tightening one area and then releasing the tension. So squeeze your toes together as tightly as possible, tensing up the feet for a short count of five and then immediately release the hold. Move on to the calves, thighs, etc up the body until finally tensing and releasing the entire body two times. By fatiguing the muscles you should find that they are no longer able to hold in the tension and relax into softness.