There are many reasons to love Huda Kattan. Not only did the Dubai-based entrepreneur create the Kardashian’s favorite false lashes, she runs her awesome beauty blog, Huda Beauty. We recently stumbled upon one post in which Kattan demonstrates how to make your eyes bigger—and there’s one supereasy concealer tip nestled in.

“This was a great trick that my makeup teacher taught me years ago,” writes Kattan. “Just add a dot of a concealer stick or pencil to the inner and outer corners of the eye. This makes your eyes appear longer and also bigger overall.” Easy, right? She also offers up some other great tips, like choosing to wear light eyeliner instead of your typical black or brown. “I’ve always loved wearing a lighter liner in my waterline, since I love big eyes, but sometimes white liner can be too doll-like,” writes Kattan. “Sometimes I’ll opt for a beige liner or even a gold or silver, and it looks beautiful.” And of course, Kattan suggests wearing false lashes to make your eyes appear larger, which is one heck of a commitment if you’re not a Kardashian.

Still, check out her tutorial below on how to make smaller eyes appear bigger and brighter.