The 6 Best Energizing Skincare Products to Kick-Start the New YearThere’s no single, right way to prime your skin for a radiant 2016, but energizing skincare is a good place to start. You can expect to encounter plenty of uplifting scents in this category—Aromatherapy Associates, for instance, offers an effective collection of body oils to suit any mood and renew dry skin.

On the flipside, choose the ingredients-focused, recharge route. (Better yet, choose both.)

“The three main aging conditions are the loss of cellular energy, the accumulation of tissue damage and a decline in the skin’s ability to repair itself,” says Dr. Daniel Stangl, director of innovation at La Prairie. The luxury Swiss brand offers an excellent anti-aging serum that focuses on cellular renewal and repair. A combination of algae, phyto stem cell extract, and peptides helps rejuvenate skin and diminish signs of stress. Paired with an aromatic body oil, it’s just the thing to give your skin an extra boost.

Below, six of the best energizing skincare products to kick-start your 2016 beauty routine.

The 6 Best Energizing Skincare Products to Kick-Start the New YearCellular Power Infusion by La Prairie ($500) Some say that skincare packaging matters little—I happen to fervently disagree. La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion will appeal to your sensibilities if you like your serums carefully displayed and elegantly wrapped. Activate each phase vial by turning the base to the right, then shaking to combine the two phases. “Cellular Power Infusion’s solution to secure cellular energy supply is twofold,” says Dr. Stangl. “Swiss snow algae protects mitochondria—the power stations that produce cellular energy—from environmental stress and free radicals. Our Skin Renewal Peptide helps activate the skin’s own system for mitochondrial DNA repair.”

The 6 Best Energizing Skincare Products to Kick-Start the New YearDiamond Mist by Natura Bissé ($90) Diamonds are entirely absent from this facial mist, so there’s no need to be overly precious about giving it a spritz. Think of the name as Natura Bissé’s way of suggesting a luxurious experience—I’ll readily agree to that. The spray contains a complex to prevent water loss, as well as pea extract to protect against environmental stress. The brand tells me that the key ingredient here is Artemia salina extract, drawn from an extremophile plankton seen to withstand severe conditions. The extract contains marine nucleotides that provide the energy needed to stimulate the skin’s cellular metabolism. Use it to refresh your complexion throughout the day, and as a bonus, you’ll be left smelling lightly of lavender.

The 6 Best Energizing Skincare Products to Kick-Start the New Year

Open Space Bath & Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates for SpaceNK ($73) On days when you’re looking for skincare that inspires a meditative state (but not one that puts you to sleep), switch out your shower gel for a bath & shower oil. This new option from Aromatherapy Associates is exclusive to Space NK, and is designed to focus the mind and clear the head. “Essential oils work on a physical level, enabling them to really treat certain concerns such as stress, an overactive mind and difficulty sleeping,” says Geraldine Howard, cofounder of Aromatherapy Associates. For this blend, it’s a pleasantly bracing bunch of scents: basil, eucalyptus, juniper, coriander and grapefruit.

Tangerine Aromatic Care by Darphin ($70) I sometimes forget that there is more than one way to apply your skincare. Thankfully, we have Darphin to remind us of the alternatives. For their Tangerine Oil, they recommend a figure-8 massage method designed to concentrate the product on key points of the face. Warm the oil between your hands, and gently pat it up your nose to your forehead, down to your ears and around your cheeks and neck. The bright scents of tangerine, grapefruit, sweet orange and lemon extracts provide a surge of energy, while carrot, sunflower and sesame oil nourish tired skin.

The 6 Best Energizing Skincare Products to Kick-Start the New Year

Morning Face Oil: Ginger by Bottega Organica ($68) The scent of ginger hits your nose—powerfully—whenever you use this face oil (apply sparingly). It’s best patted over slightly damp skin, to ensure peak moisturization before you step out into the cold. The formula combines ginger, prawn sage, mallow, ginger oil and extra-virgin olive oil. “Ginger enhances circulation and stimulates the skin,” says Paolo Manfredi of Bottega Organica. “Mallow is soothing and protecting, especially during dry and cold weather. Prawn sage has intense anti-aging action.” If you want skincare that doubles as a morning wake-up call, this is your bottle.

The 6 Best Energizing Skincare Products to Kick-Start the New Year

Anti Eau Body Treatment Oil by Clarins ($58) If an oil is designed to treat tired feet and legs, I’ll go ahead and call it a necessity. This offering from Clarins helps release excess water retention, while firming and toning skin. Broom, geranium and marjoram extracts help calm inflammation, revitalize the legs and tone down puffiness. For a heavy dose of moisture to combat winter dryness, there’s hazelnut oil. And in the event that that doesn’t perk you up, the scent of lemon and bitter orange essences should do the trick.