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We Reveal 5 Beauty Secrets Used In The Thai Beauty Regime

Thai women are known for flawless skin and long silky hair. But, what is the secret behind their shiny hair and seemingly ageless skin? It is, of course, their genes that play a significant role. Also, their healthy lifestyle and traditional

What We Know About Coffee And Cancer — California and IARC, Take Note

As I wrote three weeks ago, the state of California is deliberating whether to list coffee as a carcinogen under its Prop 65 statute. This statute requires the posting of warnings alerting the public to the presence of carcinogenic and toxic substances in

Do we need supplements as we grow older?

Our bodies need an “orchestra” of nutrients to stay well and healthy. (123RF) Many people say that supplements are not needed, since we get all we need from our food. There are studies showing that some supplements, like calcium and vitamin