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Rumor says LeEco prepping two new phones for November launch

Not even two weeks have passed since the LeEco Le Pro 3 was made official, and rumors related to the Chinese company’s next smartphones have already started cropping up. Latest reports claim that LeEco is planning to launch two new smartphones

Two students from IIT Kharagpur awarded President gold medal

Two students from IIT Kharagpur have been awarded with President of India gold medals for the first time at the annual convocation of the institute. Students from the department of computer science and engineering, Prithwish Mukherjee and Soham Dan secured the

mind folding observe defines two awesome groups of mammals

Gallery of the superbrains: accelerated or reduced folding of the brain is feasible at each fork in evolution. A critical threshold fee of one.5 divides mammals into two corporations: people with fairly folded brainsand those with few or no mind folds.