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Authorities: Drug suspect has 5 aliases and had been deported at least twice

A Tewksbury man arrested last week with a six-figure drug stash in the same apartment as a 9-month-old baby is a twice-deported illegal immigrant who has used at least five different names, authorities said. Wilson Soto, 49, is charged with drug

Indians Consume Over Twice The Salt Recommended: Study

NEW DELHI: Indians are consuming more than double the recommended amount of salt by WHO in their diets, thus putting themselves at increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and early deaths, a study claimed today. The study conducted by George Institute for

Zika Virus Unlikely To Infect Same Person Twice: Study

WASHINGTON:  People infected with Zika may not be susceptible to the virus again, according to new research which found that the infection provides excellent against reinfection. “This means people infected during this current epidemic will likely not be susceptible again,” said