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Jeffrey Paul’s Hair Loss University: Consultation Master Course Enrollment Open for Limited Time

Dedicated to educating, mentoring and providing hands-on training to salon and hair thinning and loss professionals, the team at Hair Loss University, is producing true experts in the field of hair thinning and loss. Hair Loss University Considered an industry leader

Kids + Screen Time = Dry Eyes

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in front of a computer, you’ve probably come away bleary eyed. That’s because you don’t blink as much when you are working on a computer, which could lead to dry eyes. With the

It’s time to talk about women and hair loss

Unlike men, who tend to go bald in patches on the temples and the crown, women are more likely to suffer from uniformly diffuse thinning around the entire scalp. Photo: 123rf.com Two thirds of men experience hair loss before hitting 40.