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Citron exec: This is Tesla’s biggest problem

Shares of Tesla Motors will have a hard time going higher because of the news surrounding the company, Andrew Left, Citron Research’s executive editor, said Wednesday. “What I underestimated [about] Tesla the first time is, when the Model S was introduced,

Cramer: This market is filled with seller’s remorse

The market rallied on Thursday, and Jim Cramer said the reason was seller’s remorse. The same stocks that were clobbered when they reported earnings are now roaring higher because investors have either forgotten the bad news, overlooked it, or decided it

Glaucoma: why are so many of us blind to this sight-stealing disease?

aucoma is a primary cause of vision loss and blindness in the US, affecting around 2.7 million people – a number that is expected to reach 4.2 million by 2030. While severe glaucoma-related vision loss can often be prevented, there is