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Mediterranean diet cuts liver fat better than other diets

As if we did not already have ample proof that the Mediterranean diet is a driver of healthy longevity, a new study published in the Journal of Hepatology reveals another astounding benefit: a low-carb Mediterranean diet is more effective than other low-fat diets in reducing hepatic

These 3 Kinds Of Diet Are More Harmful Than Smoking: Study

A poor diet not only spells disaster for general health but it could also be a leading cause of deaths all over the world. If a new study is to be believed, consuming unhealthy foods regularly and not eating enough healthy foods

Secret to staying fit: Exercise more important than diet to maintain weight loss

WASHINGTON D.C. [USA]: A recent study has suggested that instead of focusing on diet, the trick to ensure one doesn’t gain those extra ounces is to make regular physical activity a part of his/her routine. “This study addresses the difficult question of