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What’s causing cancer in Waycross? Community still waiting for answers

Three years ago, the Waycross community became the focus of national attention; a number of childhood cancers were reported. Since then the community has been looking for answers. “I wish somebody would tell us something,” said Mayor John Knox. It is

12 Gifts for Friends Who Live in Leggings but Still Like to Look Good

We’re living in the golden age of athleisure, which means no one has to sacrifice fashion for comfort—not your mom friend who has no desire to put on actual pants, not your fitness-obsessed sister who lives at her Spin studio, not

How to get fit standing still

When it comes to shaping up, less can definitely be more. Here are five barely-have-to-move moves that promise to tighten up every inch. Half the work, all the reward… 1. Leg firmer: tree post “This one-legged tree pose requires a huge