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Platelet-rich plasma shows promise as a hair loss treatment

Hair loss can be a source of negative body image issues and can dramatically alter our perception of a person. Many treatments claim to reverse hair loss, the most recent being platelet-rich plasma. The most common cause of hair loss in

Can a Drug Cure Baldness? New Study Shows Potential

Copyright Maskot Approximately 88 million men and women experience some degree of hair loss during their lives. Those eager to reverse a receding hairline can choose from a few solutions. Hair transplants are a costly but permanent option. Topical solutions that

Study Shows How a Low Calorie Diet Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

New research reveals the mechanisms through which low calorie diets can reverse type 2 diabetes in animals, and if those effects can be transferred over to people, we could have a host of new drug options for treating the chronic condition. Links between