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Gail Porter reveals how she coped after hair loss

Back in 2005, Gail Porter was in Las Vegas looking for ghosts. Filming for the television series Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters was in full swing – a strange moment in her professional life. But then something even more bizarre happened: she

Gwynedd woman’s sight saved thanks to double eye transplant from ‘heroes she never knew’

A woman whose sight was saved thanks to a double eye transplant wants to encourage others to consider donating their organs. In 2012 Jennifer Jones, 29, was diagnosed with keratoconus – a serious eye condition which causes a cone-shaped bulge to

Diet Guru Rosemary Conley: Where is she now?

Rosemary Conley is one of the biggest names in the diet business Rosemary’s business has included weight-loss classes, TV shows, videos and books, including her latest, The 3-2-1 Diet. Rosemary, 70, still lives in her home county of Leicestershire with her second