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How the cuttlefish spikes out its skin: Neurological study reveals surprising control

Wouldn’t it be useful to suddenly erect 3D spikes out of your skin, hold them for an hour, then even faster retract them and swim away? Octopus and cuttlefish can do this as a camouflage tactic, taking on a jagged outline

Hot yoga is all the rage but is it better for you? Instructor reveals whether working out in heated studio actually has more health benefits

It’s no secret that yoga has a cult-like following, with yogis often talking about the benefits of the exercise that originated in ancient India. Over the years another style of yoga has taken the world by storm. Bikram yoga, where the

Gail Porter reveals how she coped after hair loss

Back in 2005, Gail Porter was in Las Vegas looking for ghosts. Filming for the television series Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters was in full swing – a strange moment in her professional life. But then something even more bizarre happened: she