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This week in games: Overwatch gets a server browser, Project Cars 2 targets 12K and more

More Kickstarter news this week. Can you believe it? Last week I joked about a renaissance but now I’m pretty sure it’s actually happening. That, plus Overwatch gets a server browser, South Park delays a second time, a bevy of launch

IT@School Project: More than 10,000 Kerala schools to be on wiki platform

On occasion of Kerala Formation Day, the state government will be re-launching the IT@School that was designed to impart IT education in schools by setting ‘School Wiki’ on the lines of Wikipedia. Launched on November 1, 2009, School Wiki was inactive

First ‘Project Tango’ phone’s release gets pushed back from “Summer” to “Fall”

We’ve seen plenty of products that snap a lens over top of your existing smartphone lens, but nothing quite like this. The Hasselblad True Zoom is a Moto Mod that works with Moto Z phones, and completely replaces your phone camera