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Drug abuse leads to kids going into foster care, adoption

ROANOKE COUNTY – Many kids are ending up in foster care because of drugs, and it’s a growing problem across Virginia.    Addicted parents are struggling with day-to-day life and leaving kids behind. Dakota and Jasmine were born into different families, but have

Sleep deprivation leads to weakened immunity: Study

IANS | Jan 28, 2017, 04.25 PM IST Sleep deprivation leads to weakened immunity: Study (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock) People who are deprived of sleep regularly are likely to have a weak immune system, a study has found. The findings showed that

Blocking notch pathway leads to new route to hair cell regeneration to restore hearing

Dr. Zheng-Yi Chen. Credit: Garyfallia Pagonis Sensory hair cell loss is the major cause of hearing loss and balance disorders. The postnatal mammalian inner ear harbors progenitor cells which have the potential for hair cell regeneration and hearing recovery, but the