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This Japanese banana has edible skin

TOKYO If you’ve ever been to a Japanese department store in August, when they’re selling mid-year gifts, you’ll know that fruit can fetch some pretty high prices in Japan. High-end fruit can cost upwards of the equivalent of 10,000 yen, and

Okinawa Diet: The Japanese Way to Stay Young and Slim

It’s no miracle to see many people enjoying a healthy life in their 90s and 100s in Japan. Not only are the people in Japan known to live long lives but they also boast of ageless beauty. Is there a secret behind their

Japanese robot’s dream shattered: Fails to crack University entrance exam

A Japanese robot named Torobo-kun with artificial intelligence failed miserably in a standard entrance exam of the University of Tokyo. Several attempts have been made by Torobo-kun to pass the National Centre Test. Japanese Robot Torobo-kun RELATED STORIES World Robot Olympiad