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Why You Shouldn’t Try Every Cool Exercise You See on Instagram

Instagram is a cornucopia of tricked-out, awe-inspiring exercises that leave many of us thinking, I’ve got to try that! But, no, you don’t need to try any of them. And in some cases, you probably shouldn’t. “I hate the way that Instagram encourages you to do every

Danish Zehen’s Instagram account deleted. Vikas Gupta has this to say

Popular lifestyle blogger Danish Zehen who appeared as a contestant on Ace of Space lost his life in a car accident on December 20. Danish was quite popular on Instagram with 876K followers but the number saw a rapid increase post

An Instagram challenge fighting mental health taboos

The buzz surrounding mental health has only gotten stronger in the last couple of years. People have been rallying to eradicate the stigma attached to mental illnesses and celebrities like Carrie Fisher, and closer home Deepika Padukone, have only helped take