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Alopecia: Brecon dancer, 25, tackles hair loss head on

A flamenco dancer who starred in a hit Hollywood movie has told how she turned her hair loss into a celebration after being diagnosed with alopecia. Josie Sinnadurai, from Brecon, realised her hair was falling out in December, the week before

Hair loss: its causes, how to head it off and where to look for help when you can’t stop thinning hair

One of the easiest ways to change the way we look, and feel, is to change our hair, with a new colour, cut or a drastic restyle. Hair reflects our health – emotional, physical, and even financial. It is one of

Continual fatigue syndrome is for your intestine, now not your head

Physicians had been mystified by Chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition where regular exertion leads todebilitating fatigue that isn’t always alleviated with the aid of relaxation. There aren’t any regarded triggers, and diagnosis requires prolonged assessments administered by means of an professional.