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8 things you should avoid doing if you have dry skin

Dry skin can be frustrating but there are some ways you could unknowingly be making it more difficult to manage. To help determine which skin-care habits could be making your dry skin worse, INSIDER spoke to board-certified dermatologists and other skin-care

The eyes don’t have it

The communicative power of eye contact might well be a myth, if a recent Australian experiment is indicative. Making eye contact with another person is considered to be a highly effective way of concentrating the transition of messages, so much so

Yes, your skincare products need to have a schedule to be effective

How to make sure you’re getting the most—and only the good—out of your skincare investments Image: Abheet Gidwani Gone are the days when skincare was restricted to the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. At this point, the longer you’re willing to spend on your morning and night skin