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Danish Zehen’s Instagram account deleted. Vikas Gupta has this to say

Popular lifestyle blogger Danish Zehen who appeared as a contestant on Ace of Space lost his life in a car accident on December 20. Danish was quite popular on Instagram with 876K followers but the number saw a rapid increase post

How Technology Has Revolutionized Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss can be an unfortunate fact of life for millions of people, and while some may come to terms with their loss of locks, others find it much harder to adjust. As a result, hair loss treatments have remained in

The Keto Diet Actually Has The Most Bizarrely Intriguing Backstory

Ah, spring 2018. The time that everyone and their moms suddenly decides to start the keto diet to get in shape before summer hits. But there’s something you should know before you hop on the high-fat, low-carb bandwagon: The plan wasn’t