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Experimental drug targets prostate cancer’s chief weakness

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimate that 164,690 people will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018. They suggest that more than 11 percent of men will receive this diagnosis at some point during their lifetime. Treatments for prostate cancer can include radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy.

Livingston mom battles breast cancer with experimental treatments to help other patients

What if … she would have insisted on a mammogram as soon as she felt the lump in her right breast six years ago? What if … her cancer would have been caught earlier?  What if … the chemo would have worked

Experimental gene-silencing drug from Alnylam and Sanofi shows strong results in hemophilia

Alnylam CEO John Maraganore aims to compete with what is expected to be a blockbuster hemophilia drug from Roche. A n experimental hemophilia drug developed by Alnylam Pharmaceuticals continues to staunch bleeding in patients followed for almost one year in an ongoing, mid-stage