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Are Fad Diets Causing Excessive Hair Loss? Read This!

Who wouldn’t love to lose weight and look fit? Well, we all do. However, it is not an easy task to cut down on those kilos, as it needs immense amount of hard work, patience and dedication. A balanced diet and

Excessive exercise may cause hair loss

Filled Picture: Excessive excuse may lead to hair loss Excessive exercise places enormous energy demands on the body which may result in hair loss, says hair expert, Dr Adolf Klenk. Klenk says hair may come under intense stress during physical exertion. “During

Are You Having Excessive Hair Loss? Know the Causes

Excessive hair loss may be due to many reasons Losing hair is a natural occurrence and according to a New York based study, on an average, we lose at around 50-100 hair strands on regular basis. And this happens because your