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Don’t ignore dry skin, itches or rashes. 7 signs you need to consult a dermatologist

Your skin is the mirror of your internal health. Very often a lot of things are going on in various parts of the body, which reflect on skin but people tend to ignore them. If your battle with acne goes on

5 ways to treat dry or eczema-prone skin

No matter how much we moisturise, it seems that dry, cracked and painful skinis inescapable when it’s cold outside – with up to 24% of the population seeking medical advice for such problems each year. Whether you’re suffering with a long-term condition

What Does Your Dry Skin Tell You About Your Diet?

The winters are here! While we are all loving the nip in the air, there are plenty of things about winters that makes us dread the season as much as we love it. Dry skin is one such factor that certainly prevent us