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Drinking alcohol at 40: Negative effects to last on your skin for 28 days

LONDON: It’s no secret that alcohol consumption can cause numerous diseases. But now, it has been found that heavy drinking can also take a toll on your skin. It can also worsen pre-existing skin conditions and leave you vulnerable to skin

What’s better? Eating protein or drinking protein

1/8Why you should have protein rich foods If you are into heavy workouts, you surely know how popular protein shakes are. The man sweating it out on the leg press machine or the girl breaking into hundred squats in a jiffy,

Heavy Drinking May Impair Cognitive Function In Elderly

WASHINGTON:  Scientists have found that heavy drinking in older adults may impair cognitive function, learning, memory and motor function in older adults. Heavy drinking can lead to neurophysiological and cognitive changes ranging from disrupted sleep to more serious neurotoxic effects. Ageing