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Eating High-Salt Diet Could Increase The Risk Of Dementia: Study

Love salty food?  Who doesn’t? Fries, burgers, pasta there are options galore to always keep us tempted. But beware as your obsession for salty food may pave way for dementia later in life. It’s time to reduce your salt consumption as

This brain exercise could actually reduce your risk of dementia

According to the researchers, the cognitive training, called speed of processing, showed benefits up to 10 years after the study participants underwent the mental exercise program. (Shutterstock) A team of researchers has developed a specific form of a mental exercise that

Physical exercise prevents dementia: Research

There is no alternative to exercise. (Source: File Photo) Regular physical exercise not only enhances fitness but also has a positive impact on brain metabolism, researchers say. The findings showed that physical activity prevented an increase in choline — a macronutrient that’s