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Drug Overdose Deaths Soar Nationally But Plateau in Some States

The opioid crisis on the East Coast and in the Midwest has fueled a national surge in drug deaths, even as fatal overdoses have decreased or remained stable in parts of the West, new federal data show. Deaths from opiates, cocaine

‘Drop dead’ drug linked to deaths of 10 people in Melbourne

A deadly drug responsible for killing thousands in the United States is now being linked to the deaths of 10 people in Melbourne with more cases expected to emerge. Known as the “drop dead” drug, fentanyl is a synthetic painkiller which

Prolonged Sitting Causes 4 Per Cent Of Deaths Worldwide: Study

NEW YORK:  Nearly four per cent of all deaths – approximately 433,000 per year — are due to the fact that people worldwide spend more than three hours a day just sitting down, a study has found. Various studies over the