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Vitamin D, calcium supplements may not lower bone fracture risk

Older adults who take vitamin D and calcium are no less likely to break their hips or other bones than peers who don’t use these supplements, a research review suggests. Researchers examined data from 33 previous trials with a total of

Why Aren’t My Vitamin D Supplements Raising My Vitamin D Levels?

For most of my adult life, I’ve been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. I take a vitamin D supplement every morning, yet I still never seem to have enough vitamin D. So what gives? This frustration led me to want to

Vitamin D May Ease Sunburns by Reducing Skin Damage

A high dosage of vitamin D after your next sunburn could mean the difference between weeks of agony and a quick recovery. After exposing 20 participants to a small UV lamp sunburn on the inside of their arms, researchers from Case