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Excessive exercise may cause hair loss

Filled Picture: Excessive excuse may lead to hair loss Excessive exercise places enormous energy demands on the body which may result in hair loss, says hair expert, Dr Adolf Klenk. Klenk says hair may come under intense stress during physical exertion. “During

Yoga can cause musculoskeletal pain

While yoga can help to alleviate pain, research shows that it can also cause it. Yoga is often hailed as an effective practice for pain relief. A new study, however, notes that yoga can also cause pain, and yoga-related injuries are

Dear men, work-related stress may cause cancer

ANI | Jan 18, 2017, 04.00 PM IST Dear men, work-related stress may cause cancer The findings indicate that the link was observed in men, who had been exposed to 15 to 30 years of work-related stressand in some cases, more