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How prostate cancer becomes treatment resistant

The development of effective anti-androgen therapies for prostate cancer is a major scientific advance. However, some men who receive these targeted treatments are more likely to develop a deadly treatment-resistant prostate cancer subtype called neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC). No effective treatment

Free cancer tests pay off for Georgia Cancer Center

An expanded lung cancer screening program at Georgia Cancer Center more than pays for itself, a new study finds. Almost exactly two years ago, Dixie Hill, 18, lost her beloved grandfather, Virgil Widener, to lung cancer. “He died on her 16th

Are The Microbiome And Cancer Connected? $25 Million Project Aims To Find Out

The microbiome—the normal microorganisms we all have in our gut, is being increasingly linked to multiple aspects of health and disease. Now one of the world’s biggest cancer charities, Cancer Research UK has dedicated up to $25 million to finding out if it