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7 Hollywood celebrities who live by yoga

Celebrities are well-known for their rigorous fitness routines. While some of them stick to a regime just to look stunning and stay in the limelight, others simply love to work out and stay fit. From Pilates to yoga, Hollywood celebs have their

Prevent Hair Loss With Profiles By Kristin

Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women of all ages. Whether you’ve found  yourself suffering from hair loss at an early age, or maybe a form of treatment has caused your hair to fall out, Profiles by

Boy’s severe eczema that left his skin red raw and oozing pus is ‘cured by miracle treatment’

He could never go to the beach or swim in a pool on holiday, because it would leave him in agony. He couldn’t go to restaurants for fear of overheating. And if he went to a friend’s house, his parents Arlene